DegreeWorks, A Tool to Help FC Students Succeed

Students are encouraged to use DegreeWorks to help monitor their progress at Fullerton College. DegreeWorks is a cloud-based tool that allows students the ability to track what classes they have completed, what they still need in future semesters, and projects when they can expect to graduate with a Fullerton College associate degree or certificate.

DegreeWorks has been used by the Counseling Department staff for a few years to advise students and to input their Student Education Program Plan. Students may now access DegreeWorks directly through MyGateway and monitor progress of their education plans.

“DegreeWorks is a useful tool that empowers students to track their progress,” said Fullerton College Registrar Rena Martinez Stluka.  “It can be used whenever students want to look at their course work and plan ahead.”

DegreeWorks uses the student’s declared major to map out the requirements needed to complete their associate degree, certificate and general education requirements. The program tracks the student’s completed classes, as well as classes they are currently taking, and applies them to each section of their educational goal using a “best-fit” scenario. This gives the student a list of classes and requirements that they need in order to graduate or transfer.

DegreeWorks also has a “What If” function where students can look at other majors or GE possibilities. The “What If” function allows students to apply their completed course work, as well as in-progress courses, to a different major or GE pattern if they want to consider switching majors.

“Students need to have access to their educational plans and DegreeWorks makes this possible,” said Counselor Flor Aguilera Huerta. “The goal is for students to have access to their degree audit and the plan they completed with a counselor. The campus is working tenaciously to ensure that information in the degree audits are current for each student, specifically when students bring other college transcripts. DegreeWorks is a great tool that supports regular counseling appointments as it will help students generate questions for their next meeting with a counselor.”

DegreeWorks does have limitations for students who want to transfer because the system does not store all of the transfer requirements from four-year universities. Students preparing to transfer are encouraged to meet with a counselor at the Transfer Center or Counseling Department.

Students can access DegreeWorks by logging into their MyGateway account, and clicking on the “Student” tab. Under the “Student Links” section, students will see DegreeWorks, and an option titled “Introduction to DegreeWorks.” Information on how to use DegreeWorks can be found there. If students have trouble with the software, or believes any of the information on their profile is incorrect, there is a help button at the top of the page, which allows them to email questions. Responses usually take one to three working days.

For more information or questions about DegreeWorks, please contact the Fullerton College Counseling Department at (714) 992-7084.

Author: Fullerton College

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