Diversity Events, Activities Promote Harmony, Equality, Unity

In the past year, students had an opportunity to attend nearly 60 events that promoted and celebrated culture, diversity and inclusion at Fullerton College, according to the 2014-2015 year-end report by the college’s Diversity Committee.

“At Fullerton College we are committed to being a world-class, inclusive learning institution that promotes academic and professional excellence,” said Interim President Greg Schulz. “We have and embrace a shared responsibility to provide a welcoming environment to students of all walks of life.”

The Cadena Cultural Center located in Building 200 is the hub of information and activity regarding cultural and diversity events at Fullerton College. Since 2009, the Cadena Cultural Center has worked with students to host annual student-led forums, which provide students with a venue to discuss their experiences at Fullerton College.

“Over the years, students have provided the campus with valuable first-hand information about the obstacles they face in pursuing their education at our forums,” said Diversity Committee Chair Cecilia Arriaza, director of the Cadena Cultural and Transfer Centers. “We want to do our best to remove those obstacles and promote a greater understanding of diversity.”

The center also facilitates other events such as tours to local cultural sites and museums,  general forums in honor of annual heritage months such as: The African American Forum,  the Women’s Forum and Asian & Pacific Islander Forum; and Worldfest: A celebration of People, Culture & the Earth.

In addition, there are many student organizations and college programs that host events throughout the year that celebrate diversity and empower students. A few of those events included in the year-end report are: Umoja Awards, World AIDS Day, Veterans Day Celebration and Take Back the Night.

The Diversity Committee works in tandem with the Cadena Cultural Center and campus organizations. Members of the committee include students, faculty, staff and administrators. The mission of the Diversity Committee is to promote harmony, equality and unity by supporting policies, programs, and practices that provide a greater understanding of diversity at Fullerton College.  The committee’s goals are:

  • Goal 1: Promote and protect the interests and concerns of minority and underrepresented persons and all those designated as a protected class by the California Education Code.
  • Goal 2: Actively promote and advocate for a positive, supportive, and safe campus climate for students, faculty, staff, administration, and community members.
  • Goal 3: Build an inclusive and respectful campus working in a collaborative effort with community members and campus leaders.

Learn more about by reading the Diversity Committee’s year-in-review report.

Any student who experiences discrimination or harassment is encouraged to contact Interim Vice President of Student Services Savannah Jones at (714) 732-5386 or sjones@fullcoll.edu.

Learn more about the North Orange County Community College District’s Equity and Diversity policies by visiting http://nocccd.edu/Departments/EquityAndDiversity.htm.

Author: Fullerton College

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