FC Head Football Coach Aids Woman in Car Accident

The rain pounded the jam-packed 57 Freeway on Tuesday morning as Fullerton College head football coach Tim Byrnes was making his way to his 7 a.m. First Aid class. Little did he know that his services would be needed before he could get off the freeway.

Spotting a car crash that involved a compact car and a delivery truck in the middle of the 57 Freeway just past Katella Avenue, Tim stopped his vehicle to help the victims. The driver of the truck seemed fine, but a woman in her mid-thirties was trapped in her compact car with neck and head injuries. Byrnes, a certified CPR and First Aid instructor, approached the woman and administered first aid. Another driver, Michelle Ramos stopped her vehicle to help. Ramos is an eighth grade Chemistry teacher who is also CPR certified. Byrnes and Ramos kept the woman calm and safe until the ambulance and fire units arrived.

“Tim was the only one who stepped up to help that woman. His heroic act gave me the courage to join in and help the woman in need. Cars sped by in the pouring rain and Tim stepped up in a dangerous situation to give aid to someone in need. At one point, he even held an umbrella over me while I administered aid. He was a true hero and a gentleman,” Ramos said.

Author: Jazmin

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