Honors Program Now Accepting Applications for Fall Semester

Applications for the Fullerton College Honors Program are currently open. The Honors program offers a variety of courses that fulfill the general education requirements of most majors, but in an innovative classroom setting designed to encourage all participants to explore the ideas, the people, and the writings that give shape to the world.

Students benefit from intimate class sizes with a 1:25 faculty-to-student ratio, opportunities to present original research at academic conferences, and the ability to become stronger transfer applicants through the option of earning an Honors Certification at graduation.

Twenty new students will be selected for the Honors Freshmen Cohort. The cohort experience provides new students an opportunity to take classes together and meet with one another once a month for campus presentations and growth opportunities.

The Honors Program also offers students a rich network of Honors Alumni Mentors, weekly newsletters to stay connected to resources and events, and support staff such as honors ambassadors to encourage their path to success.

Open classes for fall semester are:

Linked classes (must be enrolled in both)

JOUR 110HF Honors Mass Media Survey                                              3 Units

CRN 14765           10:10 – 11:35A   TTH       Siedel, Jay                           Rm 711


PSY 251HF Honors Social Psychology

CRN 14766           11:45-1:10P         TTH        Guild, Tracy                        Rm 711

Honors Classes

ANTH 101HF Honors Physical Anthropology    

CRN 12464           10:10-11:35A      TTh         Markley, Karen                 Rm 1430

ART 196HF Honors Creative Arts                                                     

CRN 12836           8:00-11:10A        F              Perez, Jaime                      Rm 1002

ECON 101HF Honors Principles of Economics-Micro            

CRN 13698           12:20-3:30P         F              Rottschaefer, P                 Rm 1430

ENGL 100HF Honors College Writing     

CRN 10734           9:30-11:35A        MW       Liu, Annie                            Rm 620

ENGL 211HF Honors British Literature to 1800        

CRN 14268           8:00-11:10A        F              Eisner, Douglas                 Rm 529

ESC 116HF Honors Astronomy                

CRN 14470           11:10-12:35P      MW       Barabas, Liliana                 Rm 417

LIB 100HF Honors Introduction to Research    

CRN 14730           10:30-12:20P      T              Ishibashi, Jane                   Rm 827

*This class meets 10/10 – 12/5/2017

MATH 120HF Honors Introductory Probability and Statistics 

CRN 10946           2:00-4:05P           MW       Malloy, Scott                      Rm 611C

MATH 151HF Honors Calculus I    

CRN 14351           12:45-2:50P         TTH        Clahane, Dana                   Rm 616

MATH 290HF Honors Pure Mathematics Seminar  

CRN 12968           4:30-6:35P           Th           Clahane, Dana                   Rm 616

MATH 291HF Honors Applied Mathematics Seminar  

CRN 12970           4:30-6:35P           Th           Clahane, Dana                   Rm 616

MATH 295HF Honors General Mathematics Seminar    

CRN 12972           4:30-6:35P           Th           Clahane, Dana                   Rm 616

MUS 196HF Honors Creative Arts   

CRN 12311           8:00-11:10A        F              Perez, Jaime                      Rm 1002

PSY 101HF Honors General Psychology  

CRN 14616           6:50-10:00P         M            Felender,Julie                   Rm 1014

All participants must be accepted to the program prior to registering for classes. To learn more and submit an application visit http://honors.fullcoll.edu


Author: Fullerton College

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