Hydration Stations Installed Throughout Campus

Hydration stations, which provide free and filtered water, have been installed at five locations across campus with three additional stations to be installed in late March.  Refillable water bottle stations are now available at:

  • 100 building, 1st floor
  • 100 building, 2nd floor
  • 1700 building, outside East wall near the restrooms
  • 1200 building, outside near the strength lab
  • 840 building, Stinger’s Café/Historic Library Courtyard

In late March, three stations will be installed, two in the 800 Building/Library on the first and second floors and a third in the 200 Building food court area.

“The hydration stations serve as an added resource to students, staff and visitors of Fullerton College,” said Facilities Director Larry Lara. “In addition to helping our community stay hydrated and save money, we’re also helping the environment by decreasing the number of disposable water bottles used.”

Each hydration station displays the number of disposable water bottles that have been saved as a result of each use. The station also includes a drinking fountain.

Additional installations are underway, which will include the 400, 1400, and 2000 buildings. The request for refillable water stations was voiced during an Associated Students meeting last year, said Rodrigo Garcia, vice president of administrative services.

“In an effort to be responsive to the needs of students, we experimented with two stations during the fall semester and have since decided to install six other stations across campus and plan for some additional stations next year,” Garcia said.

The hydration stations provide clean, filtered water and help eliminate plastic waste.

Author: Jazmin

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