Learning to Teach About Tragedy

Fullerton College Teacher Pathway Program students attended the Museum of Tolerance on Friday, Oct. 21, 2016 with students from Rancho Santiago College, Santa Ana College and Cal State Fullerton to gain professional development on how to teach about prejudice and injustice.

The Museum of Tolerance is a multimedia museum about the Holocaust that provides understanding to the context of racism, discrimination and different forms of prejudice in the past and present. Pathway students had the opportunity to listen to a Holocaust survivor tell his story. The harrowing experience provided the students with a vivid context that will serve them well when they teach about the Holocaust and other tragedies.

“This was a wonderful opportunity for FC’s Teacher Pathway students to become open-minded and accepting to the tragic historical events that have taken place,” said Monica Martin, director, grants/economic and workforce development. “The Teacher Pathway Program was thankful for the invitation by CSUF and will be looking forward to future professional development field trips.”

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Author: Fullerton College

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