MyGateway Upgrade Coming Summer 2017

MyGateway Faculty Guide

MyGateway 5 will have many changes that impact how faculty communicate and share information with students.

Below is a link for a faculty guide to MyGateway 5. Additional documentation will be forthcoming for staff and students.

MyGateway 5 guide for Faculty [PDF]

MyGateway, which is a portal that allows students, faculty and staff access to all their information and services through a single website, will be updated soon and users can expect many changes.

A preview of changes to come will take place June 1 from 8 a.m. until noon. The link for the new system will be posted in the current MyGateway. Please note the following about the preview period.

  1. You will receive an error from the SSL certificate. Disregard the message, and accept the temporary certificate to preview the new system.
  2. Recently enrolled students (after May 16) may not have access to the system or may not see courses they’ve newly enrolled in. The new MyGateway system isn’t receiving real-time updates for users, courses, and enrollments. It will once it goes live. Meanwhile, the current MyGateway system will continue to receive updates.
  3. After the preview period, the system will not be available until it’s completed. The current MyGateway system will be available until then.

Users are encouraged to provide feedback by submitting it through the MyGateway suggestions portlet in the new portal by clicking on the “New Suggestions” button in the portlet on the home page.

Upgrade Details

The MyGateway improvement project started in May 2016, and it is expected to be released in early July 2017. MyGateway is built on top of a product from Ellucian called “Luminis 4.3,” which was implemented in 2007.  The system will be upgraded to “Luminis 5.3.”

Before the launch, MyGateway users should download and save any documents they have stored on the current version of MyGateway. Documents will not be automatically migrated to the new version. If after the launch, documents are needed, retrieval support is available from the NOCCCD Service Desk.

MyGateway 5 will provide many improvements, such as:

  • Update Technology Stack – the portal is built on updated technologies. The software packages that support the portal have been upgraded. This will improve the reliability and stability of the entire system.
  • Improved Integrations – it’s built on the latest internet standards allowing improved integration with Banner, Cloud Services and other enterprise services.
  • Mobile Responsive – the portal is designed to render on mobile devices, tablets and computers. It takes into account the size of your screen and displays items based on your screen size.
  • Modern Look and Feel – it is designed to be consistent and modern. The user interface will eliminate some of the more cumbersome tasks that users stumble upon because of the current design.
  • Browser Support – the portal uses the latest technologies that are supported across all browsers. This will help eliminate current browser issues.
  • Central Authentication – the portal uses NOCCCD’s Central Authentication Service for authentication. This allows seamless transitions from the portal to other services (Canvas, Degreeworks, WebStar, Blackboard, etc.) without another login screen.
  • Ellucian Support – July 2016, Ellucian ended support for Luminis 4.3. The deployment of Luminis 5.3 will put us back under Ellucian’s support for the portal. This means that the new portal is ready for upgrades to Banner (Banner 8 to Banner 9) and fully support by the vendor.

MyGateway allows students, faculty and staff of Cypress College, Fullerton College, the School of Continuing Education and the NOCCCD District Office to access all their information and services through a single website. For more information contact the NOCCCD Service Desk at (714) 808-4849 or or visit the District Information Services Technology News website.

Author: Fullerton College

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