Spotlighting Desiree Dotterman

Fullerton College students come from all walks of life – each one with an individual story of how they arrived at FC, challenges and achievements they’ve experienced along the way, and most importantly, a goal of where they’re headed beyond Fullerton College. Their stories help connect us, inspire us, and give meaning to the fact that Community Lives Here.

Meet Desiree Dotterman! Dotterman arrived at Fullerton College by way of Diamond Bar High School and found herself shying away from leadership roles until finally diving head-first into them. Since then she’s held positions such as president of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), FC’s honor society; lead Honors Program ambassador, executive pro tem of Associated Students, and has served on several campus and district committees. She credits her choice to jump in head-first into those roles because they led to helping her grow as a scholar while also allowing her to serve others and building strong friendships.

As a physics major, Dotterman spends a lot of time studying and planning her transfer path to UC Berkeley or UCLA. She is expected to graduate in the spring of 2019 and has already built quite the resume of leadership roles and experiences to help her succeed. For example, in her free time, Dotterman shadows a physicist to learn about using a linear accelerator and volunteers through FC’s Service Learning Program. This work has led to a Gold Service Learning Award because she has completed more than 250 service hours. She is also a lifetime member of PTK and a member of the American Physical Society.

Here’s what Dotterman has to say about being a Hornet!

Why did you choose Fullerton College?

I chose this college for its strong Honors Program. As of last year, we had an 83 percent acceptance rate to UCB and 71 percent to UCLA.

What support programs have you encountered while at FC?

FC support services have been there every time I needed them. When I needed an overview of FC, I joined Associated Students. When I questioned my major, I turned to the Career Center. When I needed scholarships, I applied to the FC Foundation. When I needed help with calculus, Supplemental Instruction leaders and the Math Lab provided free help. And if I ever need emergency services, I know the Food Bank and A.S. Care Bank are there.

What do you enjoy most about FC?

Opportunity lives here. You have the power to change your future; study hard, be involved on campus, and make a difference.

What advice would you give to new students?

Earn that honors certification. Present at honors research conferences. Stay healthy. Join an honor society (PTK or AGS). Serve students as an A.S. senator. Stay healthy. Read Hornet articles and find PDF textbooks online. Use your Health Center benefits. Think outside the college bubble. Stay healthy.

Author: Fullerton College

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