Spotlighting Sabrina Espino Franco

Fullerton College students come from all walks of life – each one with an individual story of how they arrived at FC, challenges and achievements they’ve experienced along the way, and most importantly, a goal of where they’re headed beyond Fullerton College. Their stories help connect us, inspire us, and give meaning to the fact that Community Lives Here.

Meet Sabrina Espino Franco!

Sabrina Espino Franco is graduate of Savanna High School majoring in Kinesiology and is expected to graduate in Spring 2018. This fall she will be applying to Arizona, Michigan, and Ohio State Universities, as well as the University of Florida where she hopes to continue her education to become an athletic trainer. Her ultimate career goal is to work side-by-side with the best athletic trainers in the NFL. Since arriving at FC, Espino Franco has encountered personal challenges including the loss of her best friend and failing two courses, but is thankful she found support programs like Puente and EOPS, which have helped her get back on track to reach her goals. Espino Franco is also gaining skills for her major as a student athletic trainer at FC. Here’s what she has to say about being a Hornet!

Why did you choose Fullerton College?

It was so close to home and convenient.

What support programs have you encountered while at FC?

Puente made a very important impact in my life. I met some great mentors and faculty. I love knowing I can walk on campus and they know me on a personal level. Puente is great for students who want to succeed and are not afraid to take chances and apply to schools that are not close to home. EOPS is also great because they really help you out, especially with the book awards every semester. You have to give a little of your time to follow certain requirements, but it is very simple and priority registration is awesome! The Writing Center is also a great help when you have to write essays.

What do you enjoy most about FC?

I love this is the place where I matured a lot as a person. I’ve met so many people from different backgrounds and states who expanded my thoughts on things such as family, religion and education. With the help of great counselors, I was able to decide what I wanted to do with my future.

What advice would you give to new students?

Make sure you wake up every day with a positive attitude. Be open minded and willing to take chances in life. Join programs at school, get involved, take summer courses, network, and ask questions because college is about finding yourself and growing into the person you want to become. You will only regret what you didn’t ask or do. There will be times where you take a step forward and take three steps back, but that’s okay; that’s what makes us human. So learn from your mistakes and keep going. Everyone is going to come across hard times but remain positive and see the best out of the situation. Stay positive! Be happy! Stay true to yourself!

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