Spotlighting Taylor Gaetje

Fullerton College students come from all walks of life – each one with an individual story of how they arrived at FC, challenges and achievements they’ve experienced along the way, and most importantly, a goal of where they’re headed beyond Fullerton College. Their stories help connect us, inspire us, and give meaning to the fact that Community Lives Here.

Meet Taylor Gaetje! Gaetje is in her third year at Fullerton College with a heart and willingness to serve others. She is best known for her current role as Associated Students President and calls FC her second home.

Gaetje shares that because she is on the autism spectrum, high school was difficult for her and left her with a very negative view of education. However, since coming to Fullerton College, her confidence has grown and she’s found support from programs and services such as the Honors Program and Disability Support Services, which have helped her become a better student.

Gaetje now has plans to transfer to San Diego State University, Fresno State, or the University of Pittsburgh next fall. When she’s not attending class or serving her peers through her active student involvement, you will usually find her enjoying baseball games and learning about history. Here’s what she has to say about being a Hornet!

Why did you choose Fullerton College?

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to major in, so Fullerton College seemed like a great place where I could explore different classes to figure out what I was interested in – at an affordable cost.

What support programs have you encountered while at FC?

The Honors Program and Disability Support Services have both had a very positive impact on my experience at FC.

What do you enjoy most about FC?

I love that there are so many different people you can meet here because there is such a welcoming environment. I’m really happy to be a part of the Hornet family.

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Author: Fullerton College

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