Student Spotlight: Gabriel Gonzalez

Fullerton College students come from all walks of life – each one with an individual story of how they arrived at FC, challenges and achievements they’ve experienced along the way, and most importantly, a goal of where they’re headed beyond Fullerton College. Their stories help connect us, inspire us, and give meaning to fact that Community Lives Here.

Gabriel Gonzalez dreams of becoming a successful photographer – but that wasn’t always the case. After serving as an aircraft structural mechanic in the United States Air Force from 2012 – 2015, Gonzalez of Anaheim, began attending his first semester at Fullerton College in the fall of 2017 unsure of what career and major he would pursue. That was until he took his first class in digital photography with Professor Susan Stroll. The class strengthened his initial love of photography and gave him a goal to become a great photographer like the esteemed American photographer Gregory Crewdson. Since then, Gonzalez has worked on his general education requirements at Fullerton College and grew his knowledge and skills in photography with a plan to transfer to Cal State Long Beach in fall 2020.

Additionally, Gonzalez serves his fellow Hornets as a member of the Hornets Tutoring staff and enjoys being active with the Veterans Resource Center. He says the best part about being a tutor is the interactions he has with other people in the program. He also spends most of his free time walking around LA and OC taking pictures of things that look interesting to him and enjoys street photography. Here’s what Gabriel has to say about being a Hornet!

Why did you choose Fullerton College?

I chose Fullerton College because it was close to home, and I was looking for a place to complete my education after serving in the Airforce.

What support programs have you encountered while at FC?

In addition to the services offered by the Veterans Resource Center, I’ve had positive experiences with my photography professors and working as an embedded tutor starting with Supplemental Instruction, then to ESP, and now Hornets Tutoring. I really enjoy the interactions I have with others in the program, mostly because I spend a lot of time in the VRC, so being around regular students is a nice change of pace.

What do you enjoy most about Fullerton College?

Everyone in Hornets Tutoring is awesome. The coordinators and mentors are always super helpful when I have issues or any questions about how to be a better tutor. I have also loved every second of being a photo major. Taking the 101 course with Susie Stroll really strengthened my love of photography and it only continues to grow as I’m taking the 109 portrait class with Jeff Minton.

Do you have any advice for new and current students?

The only advice I have to give to other students is to utilize their professors as a tool for their own success. Professors are without a doubt the best resource on campus to utilize because they understand the material they’re teaching better than anyone else and can also explain things better in a one-to-one setting as opposed to a class setting. Don’t be afraid to schedule an appointment or drop by office hours if the professor has them. They’re people just like us and are always willing to assist students.

Author: Jazmin

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