Students Lead Growth Mindset Workshops

A new series of workshops designed to help students learn intelligent practices and improve overall student success will be led by their very own peers. The Growth Mindset Student Ambassadors are Fullerton College students who have created six workshops under the Pathway Transformation Initiative.

The workshops, which will be offered throughout the fall, will  teach growth mindset practices and serve as a way help students integrate themselves into the Fullerton College community.

“It’s an entirely new program built for students, by students,” said Aghabi Rangel who is the director of the Pathway Transformation Initiative.

Growth mindset, which was developed by Stanford Psychology Professor Carol Dweck more than 20 years ago, is the belief that a person has the capacity to change one’s intelligence through cultivated effort, good strategies and hard work. It also became a primary focus at Fullerton College through the college’s Habits of Mind Initiative, a campus-wide initiative aimed at fostering intelligent practice and mindful behavior to increase student and professional learning success.

The Pathway Transformation Initiative receives funds from the state of California to improve the progression rate of students needing basic skills instruction into college-level instruction by implementing or expanding innovations and redesign in the areas of assessment, student services, and instruction.

“In addition to learning the concepts of growth mindset, students will have access to a committed student ambassador who will serve as a personal point of contact, provide referrals to resources, and enhance the college experience,” Rangel said.  “Student ambassadors are hoping the workshops provide a stress-free learning environment where students can open up to the opportunity of developing new and supportive relationships with their peers and from students who have been in their shoes; choosing classes, choosing instructors, reading class materials, and utilizing support services.”

The workshops will be offered from September through November in a three-part series where each workshop builds upon the last one; the first workshop serving as an introduction to the concept of the growth mindset and why students should choose to register for English and math courses sooner rather than later in their college years.

To view the profiles of the Growth Mindset Student Ambassadors, a list of workshop dates and to register visit or view the flyer.

Author: Fullerton College

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