2016–17 Annual PAC Report Now Available

A report that describes the activities of Fullerton College’s highest governing body, the President’s Advisory Council (PAC), in the 2016–17 school year is now available.

The report describes the structure of  Fullerton College’s shared governance system and PAC’s activities, such as approving a new mission statement, a message supporting DACA students and various budgetary issues.

“We want to help demystify how decisions are made at Fullerton College,” said Lisa McPheron, director of campus communications. “If people understand how decisions are made, they can be more empowered to bring about the change they find important.”

The Office of Campus Communications created the report in a special effort funded by the state Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI) to educate the campus community about the college’s shared governance system with special attention on PAC’s role in it.

PAC includes representatives from the other shared governance bodies: the Faculty Senate, Classified Senate, Associated Students, Deans of Fullerton College and Managers of Fullerton College.

These lower governing bodies make recommendations to PAC, which votes on whether to pass the recommendations onto Fullerton College’s president, Dr. Greg Schulz.

Request a hard copy by emailing Lisa McPheron, director of campus communications, at lmcpheron@fullcoll.edu.

Download the PDF

Author: psurowski

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