2019 Students of Distinction Announced

Eighteen students, who have distinguished themselves and are representative of the top scholars at Fullerton College, were honored at the annual Students of Distinction awards banquet on Friday, May 10 from 6 – 8 p.m. in the College Center Dining Hall.

Aaron Untiveros and Corey Lamb were named Students of the Year.

Recipients were selected through a nomination process involving faculty, staff, and fellow students. The awards are divided into four achievement categories: Academic, Competitive, Personal and Service.

The recipients of the 2019 Students of Distinction Award are:

Academic Achievement

Hannah Avalos

Steven Benken

Ileana Mao

Madison Panzino

Quynh Truong

Competitive Achievement

Germaine Baltazar

Maceo Coleman

Ryan Sheatz

Personal Achievement

Desiree Dotterman

Alexander Hebert

Erin Kraemer

Corey Lamb

Sandra Ocampo

Service Achievement

Sasha Dotterman

Joshua Kazarian

Manushi Laheri

Karina Navarro Alvarez

Aaron Untiveros

History of the Program

Students of Distinction has a rich history at Fullerton College. In 1957 the Associated Women Students recognized women of distinction and in 1959, the Associated Men Students also began to recognize men of distinction. Each group held separate scholarship recognition ceremonies called “Women of Distinction” and “Men of Distinction.” During the next four decades, the two scholarships were merged together and became “Men & Women of Distinction” until 2016 when a transitioning transgender student at Fullerton College was nominated as a Man of Distinction and accepted the award as a Woman of Distinction.

“In our commitment to model leadership and excellence at Fullerton College through the lens of being just, equitable, and inclusive, the Office of Student Activities changed the name of this historic scholarship program in 2017 to Students of Distinction,” said Naomi Abesamis, director of student activities.

The change in name and program structure was endorsed and supported by Associated Students, Faculty Senate, Classified Senate, and District Management Association, she added.

“In alignment with the college’s mission, we will continue to celebrate all students through this annual scholarship program, embrace the value of diversity that each student brings, promote respect and inclusiveness, build community, and transform lives,” Abesamis said.

(Updated May 13, 2019.) 

Author: Jazmin

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