Machine Technology Department Debuts Metrology Program

The Machine Technology Department is offering a new metrology program this fall. Metrology is the scientific study of measurement and is used in the technical trades of machining, welding, fabrication and drafting.

The new certificate program is partially funded by California Strong Workforce Initiative, and was created in response to industry demands from local advanced manufacturing companies to help fill in-demand employment positions.

“We have always taught our students that they need to be expert-level inspectors to be expert-level machinists, so the addition of a metrology program certificate fits well with our advanced manufacturing and machining program educational philosophy,” said Machine Technology Department Coordinator Dan O’Brien.

Machinists, toolmakers, CNC programmers and similar occupations must accurately measure parts, so proper adjustments can be made to machine set-ups and CNC controls. This makes it possible for parts to be manufactured to drawing and part specifications.

According to an article published by Quality Magazine, companies across the country are employing new automated measuring tools to meet industry demands for model-based definition part inspection. These new technologies require a workforce that is familiar with traditional measuring methods along with new digital measurement devices.

Metrology at Fullerton College is an introductory level program which emphasizes theory and proper use of dimensional equipment, collection and statistical treatment of data, blueprint reading and computer-aided equipment.

Fullerton College has partnered with Hexagon Metrology to offer courses which utilize some of Hexagon’s training curriculum, PCDMIS software, Hexagon coordinate measuring machines and 12 Romer Absolute inspection arms with laser scanners. PCDMIS software is used widely across Southern California, but until the start of FC’s program, few training opportunities existed outside of training offered by Hexagon Metrology at their facilities.

About 30 students have already enrolled this fall to complete courses within the metrology program. The program offers a 13-unit mini skills certificate and 29-unit program certificate. Students also have the option to further their education to earn an Associate in Science degree in manufacturing technology. The A.S. in manufacturing technology degree focuses on career areas that align with a student’s chosen occupational field, such as machining, drafting and welding.

Orange County is home to numerous high technology companies producing precision components for the medical, aerospace, defense and commercial industries. New digital measuring tools have created a demand for a workforce that is well-versed in these methods.

“Our new metrology program will add additional certificates and skills competencies making our students even more valuable and employable within our local industries,” O’Brien said. “Manufacturing companies are challenged with filling employment positions that utilize new digital manufacturing and measuring technologies. This program intends to help fill this critical gap.”

Learn more about metrology and how Fullerton College is responding to workforce demands by reading the article in Quality Magazine.

Learn more about Fullerton College metrology program at CTE Program website.

Author: Fullerton College

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