Students Spend a Semester in Spain

Upcoming Study Abroad Trips

  • Spring 2019: London, England
  • Summer 2019: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Fall 2019: Kyoto, Japan
  • Winter 2020: Capetown, South Africa
  • Spring 2020: London, England
  • Summer 2020: Kyoto, Japan
  • Fall 2020: Rome, Italy
  • Spring 2021: Paris, France
  • Summer 2021: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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This fall, several students and two professors have traded in the North Orange County life for the sights and sounds of Barcelona, Spain with the Study Abroad Program.

Study abroad students will be immersed in Spanish culture for the whole semester, all the while earning transferable credits and not slowing down on their path to transfer to four-year universities.

“This is an amazing opportunity for students to travel and live in another country while studying,” Professor Gary Graves said before embarking on his first study abroad trip. “I look forward to helping students transition from American culture to Spanish culture. I am super proud and excited to be part of such a unique community college program.”

Graves, who is teaching business and art classes, is joined by Cypress College English Professor
Kathryn Sonne. Together, they will provide instruction to students and help the students navigate living in Spain.

The Study Abroad Program provides students at Fullerton and Cypress colleges the opportunity to study in a foreign location that will promote a global perspective for effective living and working in an international environment. Short-term and long-term programs are offered at different times during the year. Upcoming trips include the spring 2019 semester in London and the summer 2019 semester in Buenos Aires. Additionally, study abroad heads to Kyoto next fall.

Several studies have shown that students who participate in study abroad will do better in college, transfer to a four-year university and achieve better positions when entering the workforce. Additionally, study abroad experiences help students develop personal and leadership skills that a traditional classroom don’t provide.

“The unique opportunity to use Barcelona as our textbook is an intense and wonderful learning experience for both students and faculty,” Sonne said.

The students exuded excitement before they left in early September.

“Study abroad will help me experience the beauty of another culture,” said Joel Montes, a Fullerton College business student.

Classmate Alana Long-Stockdale also looked forward to Spanish life. “It is an amazing opportunity to be able to immerse yourself in the culture and experience the food and language first hand,” the art student said.

Fine arts major Marianne Andres said, “I don’t just want to read about the history of Spain, I want to see, learn and understand it. Venturing through Barcelona will show me how to step outside of my boundaries, broaden my horizons and create new experiences.”

Plus, there is Messi and soccer.

According Alex Montalvo, a Fullerton College Business student, “Studying abroad in Barcelona will help me see the true soccer passion among these people.”

It may be too late to join the students in Spain this semester, but there are many upcoming trips to choose from. Applications for London, Buenos Aires and Kyoto are being accepted. For the who-what-when-where-how, visit

Author: Fullerton College

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