Fullerton College Installs Free Dual Sanitary Napkin/Tampon Dispensers in Restrooms

Free sanitary napkins and tampons are now available in most of the women’s and gender-neutral restrooms at Fullerton College. The new dual dispensers have been installed at more than 50 locations across campus and are available free of charge.

Support for the free products started last spring when members of Associated Students brought up the item for discussion during an A.S. meeting, said Associated Students President Selena Cruz.

“Two former student senators, Vanessa Escobar and Laura Sanchez saw that other colleges had this resource available for students so they encouraged A.S. to help make it available at Fullerton College,” she said. “Then there was a movement of students who were all in support of it and scheduled a meeting with Fullerton College President Greg Schulz to discuss what could be done.”

Cruz said that because so many students used their voice to express how important this service would be for students in emergencies, A.S. did their due-diligence to follow-up and see it to fruition. Through a resolution passed by the A.S. Research, Planning, and Resolution Committee students were able to make a strong case for the free period products and met with campus leadership multiple times to get the product dispensers at Fullerton College this fall.

Now, more than 50 dispensers have been installed across campus and the project is expected to reach 65 by late November.

“I’m proud of the work that our student leaders in Associated Students have done as representatives of our student body. Several students identified an important need that many of our students have struggled with and they met with campus leadership to explore how we could work together to respond to this need. I am pleased that we have taken this next step, with up to 65 dispensers to be installed this fall. It’s one more way that our campus community is working together to provide support to our students,” Schulz said.

“We’re so happy and proud that we helped make Fullerton College one of the few community colleges in the area to have period products freely available when needed,” Cruz said. “Also that through A.S., we’re able to influence change on campus to help students throughout their journey here.

Author: Jazmin

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